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Preparation to take home a hamster

             Hamsters are one of the easiest pets to care for, they don't require much space, they are clean animals and are inexpensive to maintain. Each has its own special personality and, if handled correctly and frequently enough they can be very friendly and lovable.

But theres somethings you need to know before you take one home,

1. Hamsters are small and require little space for their cages - but, they need attention and time out of their cages every day. You also have to keep in mind a space where it isn't too noisy (no loud blasting music) and where the hamster won't disturb you at night when you are sleeping. It's not a really good idea to keep the hamster in your bedroom, any place in constant light or dark. A covered balcony (without draughts) would  be a better choice.


    Hamster are affordable and inexpensive - still you are going to spent a lot of money for their cage, water bottle,food,hay..etc.And your going to spent money for the rest of their life for new foods, water bottle etc

    3. Hamster are really good for childrens - But even though they're really good with childrens and looks pretty harmless they still can bite or scratch childrens under age and they are cannibals so better dont leave your child alone with the hamster unattended
    4. hamster can get sick too! - hamsters have illness and diseases they have many types of illness and you have to take them to the vet and the bill for the medications are usually higher then the hamsters itself

    5. Hamsters can make some noise at night; wheel squeaking, biting on the cage, or digging or scratching at cage bottoms. This can prove to be terribly irritating. (Hamsters also make little squeaking sounds if they are fighting.)

    6. Hamsters do not turn your house upside down - but they occasionally turn their cage inside out! You may have to replace items regularly (like waterbottles if it chews on it) and perhaps sweep around its cage everyday, where they've kicked out shavings. This might not appeal to extremely tidy pple who like to see their house spick and span at all times. 
    7. Hamsters are crepuscular or nocturnal. Basically, they're awake and active in the dark. Are you willing to play with them when the sun goes down? They get grumpy if they're woken up from their afternoon beauty sleep and may be more apt to bite if disturbed. If you are usually free in the day, you might want to consider a more diurnal animal. However, if you are relatively free in the evenings, this arrangement should suit you fine.
    8. Hamsters can be left alone, if necessary for long periods (holidays- I mean one or two days) and when you're not at home during the day - but they're escape artists and are hard to find if they've decided upon a cosy hiding place, but it may be a better option to have a friend or relative look after it while you are gone just so if the hamster gets out, drains the waterbottle, etc., there isn't a problem. 
    10. Hamsters can be quite hardy and generally adapt well but, - they can be hurt easily if they are dropped accidentally at standing height and you definitely can't play rough with a hamster! Neither can you play with them for long periods.

    11. Hamsters do not have a strong odor because they clean and groom themselves regularly and do not require baths. But their cages will reek if you are not regular(once a week) in cleaning and they will get sick if cleaning is put off. They also need their cages cleaned if the waterbottle leaks as this can make them sick if it is not cleaned up right away.
    12. Hamsters love to explore and are fun to watch - but they do not perform tricks, cannot be hugged like a dog and do not go to you when they're called (at least not usually). Do you need an affectionate and attentive pet?
    13. You can be quite attached to your pet - but, they live at most 3 years (some live longer but they are exceptions). Do you need a pet who'll be able to spend more time with you? 

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