Sabtu, 18 Januari 2014

Fun Facts about Hamsters :D

Fun Facttsssss <3
 Male hamsters tend to live longer than females !   
  •  Syrian hamsters come in 40 colors ! 
  •  Syrians have four toes on the front feet and five on the back feet 
  •  Syrian hamsters have been known to give birth to   over 20 pups! 
  •  A Syrian hamsters heart can beat over 300 beats per minute and up to 500bpm! 
  •  Syrian hamsters have the shortest gestation period of any placental mammal at 16 to 18 days 
  •  Some dwarf hamsters have lived to be four years old! 
  •  Hamsters can remember their relatives 
  •  All Syrian hamsters as pets descend from a wild female Syrian hamster who had a litter of 12 in 1930 
  •  Syrian hamsters are considered endangered in the wild 
  •  Certain dwarf species can delay the birth of their unborn litter if they are already nursing a litter! 

  •  In a case where several mothers are housed in the same cage they may share responsibility of the litters and nurse a litter that is not their own.  If a mother dies another female may take over nursing the pups!
    This actually happened to me.  Two females had their litter in the same cage.  One litter was a little older than the other.  Both mothers cared for the pups from both litters.  It was actually amazing to watch.

  •  In a group of Dwarf hamsters if the cage is too crowded the female can produce pheromones which can change hormone production and signal other females to stop mating! 

  • Yuck!  My hamster ate his poop!!  Why?  Hamsters eat their poop to absorb nutrients that were not previously digested! 

  • Hamsters can carry half their body weight in their cheek pouches 

  • If a male Syrian hamster smells a female on  your hands he may lick you! 

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